Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tanker gelli station

In between working on the Ganesha I finally got my tanker gelli station all set up.  It has been so hard not to abandon the stamp collage for gelli printing.  You addicts out there will understand that.  

We went to the fair Friday night and my husband found this cool stuff at a antique store we entered for the air conditioning.  It was too hot in there for me to see but he has a great eye!  The Ingento paper cutter was only 8 bucks!  It is a great 12" size so it will live on top of the desk!  It is really sharp but has no guard so will have to be very careful when using it.  I don't have any cigar boxes this size and got both for $3.00.  What a steal!  I also found a great cloth basket but had to put it in the other room because the lady had stitched the darn thing full of cat hair.  We are both allergic to it.  

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