Thursday, March 31, 2016

Garden 2016

My mother in law Lola has the most beautiful tulips in her yard, she allowed me to cut a bouquet.  So pretty, and she gave me the pansy pot a few years ago. The magnolia got a little frost bit but still has plenty of new buds and I think the lilacs are just around the corner! My favorite. Thank you Lola!

Happy Birthday Elvis card by Aimeslee!

I made a new art friend online and she made me this beautiful card! I was sure that the Elvi were dye cuts but she stamped every image. It is so professionally made and so very thoughtful of her. Go check out her blog to see all of her work. She is amazing!  Thank you again Aimeslee!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter art cards

I got the cutest Valentine from my little niece Kerington so I am hoping that she will be at the Easter dinner because I made her some little art cards.  I thought I would decorate most and then give her stuff to decorate a few of her own. If she isn't there I will mail them!  It's 2 am and I'm not done so will carry on tomorrow.

Very excited to say that I am officially 60 years OLD!  WOOHOO! I will be celebrating for all of us.  :)

Rounded the corners before I gave them to her. She liked them and so did her Dad and Mom!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

gelli texture stamps

Saturday was a good morning on facebook.  In the gelli group they were talking about those great foam blocks you heat and then press into everyday items for texture stamps. I had an entire package in my drawer so pulled them out and made all of these in about 15 minutes.  My favorite one is the circles from a rattan lid on a basket I have.  Then a girl, from that same group I believe, sent me the Dollar tree stencils!  I was so excited to get them as I had complained that I had been to several stores on a quest for them.  Wasn't that just the sweetest thing for her to do?  I am going to send her a happy mail package and thank her for the great stencils and fun I have had printing all week.  She has no idea how her kindness has affected me.  Came at a time I really needed it.
The last picture is my first and favorite print from yesterday. 

These need more but you get an idea what texture those create for backgrounds.