Sunday, September 30, 2018

Peace yoga pant refashion

Found this peace material at my buddies house and asked if I could have it! He says "one mans trash is another man's treasure"!

Also, had two pair of yoga pants that were "high waters" (too short). Anyway spent the last few putting cuffs on my yoga pants. They are really cute and will keep my ankles warm this winter. I had left over flannel so made two more pair even though they were long enough. 

They are wonky as pair upside down but not sideways, two other pair just one leg upside down and then I did one pair right! 

Whatever. I will keep that in mind next time I buy fabric. I wish they would make fabric that is printed on both sides and can be upside down with no problem. Those are some of my biggest challenges when sewing. I like leaving them weird. But spent hours trying to perfect the stitching which is impossible. Close enough.

Monday, September 24, 2018

1973 J GEILS BAND don't try to hide it

water color

I worked on this water color all week and it isn't that great. I did learn some things so hopefully my next attempt will be more successful. I have a dried up bouquet that I want to try next. I'm obsessed with dead zinnias! The colors are so shabby chic.

Did a little shopping at Tuesday morning and found these Tim Holtz rub ons. I thought they would work great on the cover of my dylusions journals, I was right. These rub ons are perfect!

I also did a little coloring. This page is so bad I can't even fix it. I do like the others. So fun to just play around in that when procrastinating working on the more challenging water color.


Friday, September 21, 2018

No thank you...

I had a beautiful girlfriend back in 1980 that served cocktails at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City. Her and I used to go out some nights when we were single.

She called me with free tickets to Maria Muldaur. I agreed to go because I had never heard of Maria Muldaur.

When Maria broke out singing her greatest hit
"Midnight at the Oasis" I looked at Jarret and we got the hell out of there! Lucky for us Hot Rocks was just across the street.

So, a few weeks later she called with the offer of free George Thorogood tickets I told her "hell NO thanks anyway".

She promised that it would be much different than Maria and talked me into it. Thank GOODNESS when I heard that sax player belting out Madison Blues I've been the biggest George fan ever since! I have seen him around eight times in three states. Love him. I might be a groupie.

He is great and I miss Jarret. I haven't seen her for over thirty years.

Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis (Live)

George Thorogood - Bottom Of The Sea - 7/5/1984 - Capitol Theatre (Offic...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

jean jacket refashion

Finally finished the shaman charm for my jean jacket. Calling the coat done for now but I'm sure I will add stuff and work on filling in all the flowers. Love this project and can't wait to wear it! Well, I have been wearing it but haven't worn it with the jewelry.

Riki just wants to play...

 This flower was a nightmare to complete. Ouch!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

jean jacket refashion

It's almost 2am so I'm going to put the coat down and go to bed. Getting closer to having the center done on the passion flower.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

jean jacket refashion

Slow cloth...I enjoy embroidery but I do it for way too long each setting. I like to see some progress and it takes hours sometimes to see anything, then I pull it out.