Friday, April 28, 2017

adult coloring

I'm working on this adult coloring page I created using my new rapidograph  pens on parchment.

My intention was to get a good picture of it before I colored it but still haven't figured out my mac. Can't even do simple tasks like scanning, printing, sharing. Shoot.

This is just the marker layer going to add gel pen next!

Lace haul

Got lucky at the local Bally Peddler antique store, found all the bags for five bucks each! SCORE! The black one may have been carried once and the brown is virgin. :)

I shop those little leather purses every time I go to Macy's but can't bring myself to pay $65 bucks for them.  I'm not sure how someone could pay thousands for a purse.

 The lace was priced at two dollars per style. What a deal the cotton will dye really well if I decide to do that.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

jean jacket refashion

 I got the great idea of adding this leather collar to this jacket I've had for years. It looks really cute but the jacket doesn't fit right so I had to go shopping! 

 Found this great dark blue distressed one at our local farm and home store for only $30 bucks. Love that I can have a one of a kind jacket for a fraction of the cost of the one I tried on at Chico's for $160.00. The embroidery on that one was in ugly colors and looked to be done by machine. I want to "go to town" on this jacket and bling it out! Here are some fabrics and lace I've been auditioning. 

Trying to stretch my boots, I must have not had little toes when I tried them on in Europe. Tight!

I think I'm going to use the batiks with my hand dyed doilies. That blue flannel is so soft I think I will use in on the inside of the collar. Can't wait to get started and glad that I didn't spend a lot of time and work on the jacket that doesn't fit right. 

As a young women I really wanted to paint but didn't feel like an artist so I spent years doing textiles. Embroidery, cross stitch, crochet and then I went through a temari period that pretty much jacked up my wrist! Going to use all those ideas on this jacket to make it my own. Oh, I did some crazy quilting too. That was my favorite. 

Riki says I don't want no pigtails! He has been a great diversion this week as my dear mother in law Lola passed away after a long period of suffering. I can't figure out what to wear so he thinks I'm packing for a trip. He has been pretty good about pottying outside but let me know he wasn't happy by having a little shit fit. Ha. I'm not supposed to think that is cute am I?

I am using freezer paper applique to sew the flannel  to  line the placket, it is the only choice I am sure about at this stage.
I found some great pieces of lace at our 2nd annual Railroad Days festival for my new jacket. Now I have to decide if I like it dyed with the blues and purple or if I like it cream color. Anybody out there? What would you decide? Probably won't use all of it but I love each piece!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Seed stew

 It is too early to seed but it is going to rain all week so I made a seed stew and went for it. 

 Fly by.

 Put this lettuce out a few weeks ago and wasn't sure if any would come up, I think there is enough for a salad today. Added more seed and look forward to those organic Micky salad's.

California poppies and clematis really happy with all the spring rain.