Thursday, January 30, 2014

lilac collage

I reworked this collage the other day.  Now I can look at the lilacs instead of the wonky table.  Why does my eye always go to the bad spot?  My husband thinks I'm too critical of my work but he admitted it was jacked up after I fixed it.  I've come a long way.  I used to keep all my art in the closet.  I took someone's advise years ago and never threw anything away.  That way you can see your progress over the years.  Well.  Katrina took EVERYTHING including my first attempt at oil painting.  It took me so many years to even call my self an artist.  I find that ridicules now because I do art everyday and if that doesn't make you an artist then I just don't know what does.  
I painted this in the 90's.  I lived in Leavenworth at the time.

This was on my easel to be finished before Katrina in Mississippi.  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

new carpet

My hoard had to be moved downstairs for the new carpet install.  We are both exhausted from the whole ordeal but it was really worth it.  
The mandala is covered up with this!

It is so pretty and feels so lush under the foot. 

 John finished painting the baseboards before the carpet was laid and we bought paint for the back bedroom and living room.  Perfect taupe for the living room hall and small bath.  I chose heather plume for the front bedroom.  It is a lilac gray.  I'm going to "girl" that room UP!  The oatlands subtle taupe is going in the kitchen, dining room and other bedroom.  I need a neutral color in those rooms for my art.  This entire house is painted some shade of green and I'm really tired of it.  My art will look so much better on the new colors.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

poppies page

This journal page started with a few black and white gelli prints I made with my hand cut poppy stencils.  I was reading some one's blog the other day and used her technique of stamping text through the stencil.  Love that layer!

I tore the deli paper into smaller pieces to make the background collage.  Used my inktense pencils and neocolor II crayons to color it in.  Fun page will have to work with the background color a little and put this idea on a canvas.

I'm actually a nervous wreck tonight because my house will be invaded by strange men tomorrow to put down the new carpet.  This is as close to moving as you can get without really doing it.  We have taken all my crap down to the basement.  My husband even took EVERY bra I own down there.  He spoke up that he would bring me one in the morning.  Ha.  I found the perfect rack for my bras last Thanksgiving.  I keep seasonal items in my closet to decorate the house and discovered my wire cornucopia makes a perfect bra holder and I don't want some strange man and his son checking out those 38D's.  I just line those suckers up and let them hang loose.         

Saturday, January 18, 2014

floor mandala

We had to tear up the old carpet and kilz the sub-floor in some places.  Turns out Buster wasn't house trained after all.  Anyway, I took the opportunity to paint a mandala.  We lived in a hundred year old house a few years back and I searched it high and low for something left by previous owners.  Did not find anything.  So now I've left my mark.

I love that next Wednesday at 8:30 am it will be covered up.  Just a little surprise for someone in the future, if they ever replace the carpet.  Also for me.  And us.  For peace in this house.  We need it.  I miss Buster desperately but won't miss the smell!  What a bad dog! 

I used Pantone color of the year, radiant orchid, as the base color and took inspiration from my mandala journal.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

gelli station

Had fun doodling with my new gel pens on my dylusions journal.  Used gelli prints for the background collage.  No one told me that gel pens smear!  After some practice and patience I realized you just have to let them dry.

I don't know about y'all but, my desk and studio has been a disaster ever since I started gelli printing.  I found this box at a tag sale and set me up a gelli station.  

Placed my smaller stencils in front then the larger.  Used heavy cardboard to make sections for previous prints.  Can't wait to print again and see how this works.  I was storing them in a flat container and that wasn't working for me at all.  Also have a new drawer just for stylus tools.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

gelli printing with foam sheets

All it took was for my internet to shut down for 24 hours to set me to printing!  Sometimes I lose too much time on pinterest trying to get inspired, rather than doing something creative.  So messed up.  The actual printing is so much more satisfying!

I got out my foam texture sheets and a few new stencils I carved with my heat tool and transparency film.

This was a block print stencil idea.

It was really fun and I love ALL my prints.  They really looked cool when I went back this morning and used the texture plates as rubber stamps.  Also added some circles.  The layers are endless and it is so much fun. I used deli paper for all prints this session. 

Did I mention that this was FUN?!  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Puppet show

This picture on pinterest inspired my latest journal page.

Sketched Judy big and then printed off a smaller copy to work with on the page.

Used a couple ATC watercolor blanks to make my circus art and the puppets.  Created the stage with gelli prints on deli paper.  I love how the paper melts into the page using matt medium.  Used some circus rub-ons then brushed with matt medium to knock the shine off.  

Judy's dress is a gelli print of a sea shell.  So is her club.  I really like how this page turned out.  Makes me wonder what the new year will bring.  
I'm a little embarrassed to say I spent days drawing my tiny characters.  What the hell is she doing?  I'm sure my husband was thinking.  
I'm not sure why my crazy clowns all have the same messed up eyes, but I'm thinking it is my lack of skill and training.