Friday, July 29, 2016

Venetian Pool

Blocked in the shady part of the pool and practicing colorways for the sunny side. I have floated in my own pool several times this week and watched the light play on the surface and on the pool floor. So amazing and just hope I can catch some light in my painting.

tag sale haul

Found some really cool stuff at a tag sale today. So excited to find the brand new "vintage" liquitex paint brushes. I got them all for 6 bucks. Then the art box was such a treasure! My husband found it in a dusty corner, it is full of interesting charcoal. So glad to have it to replace the one I lost in the flood so many years ago.

You can see the guy was a woodworker so I bought some of his work, my husband picked up some tools, but I'm the one that cleaned up and got the best deals today.

It was a great sale and we joked all evening about the questionable art pictures in one bedroom. He not only had a wood shop he also had a passion for painting pussies. Ha. I told my husband that I wished I had dared him to go ask the ladies how much was the pussy painting going for. hahahahaha. They were all sitting in the living room with a straight face so we didn't laugh until on our way home. I stated that I thought it was porn and my husband defended him and said it was art...hmmm. Art is always in the eye of the beholder.


It was so pretty this morning I decided to try a technique I read about on pinterest, burning tins. Got myself set up and threw them in the flames. I was supposed to wait and put them on the hot coals but got excited so moved them to the side after a bit and most are really cool.

Scared little Riki, he was on the other side of the pool thinking of jumping in. He thought I was burning the backyard down.

You can see Maxine's friend's light in this picture. Just used rub-n-buff gold on a battery powered tea light. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Full Buck Thunder Moon Gelli Print

Only got one good print the other night but it turned out really cool after I added inktense in some areas and then outlined all the colors with my black stabilo pencil. I like it.

Monday, July 18, 2016

halo moon

Caught a shot of the halo moon last night. Looked like a portal.

Brought little miss sunshine back in the house after she was done distressing. I changed her face, gave her some operator plugs for arms. I always loved those old switchboards, my ex mother in law ran one with quite a flair.

She had two different sets of boobs but looks better without, who knew? She crashed into Riki today so he doesn't like her one bit. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bob Dylan - Baby Please Dont Go

8x8 journal

The page on the left was so messed up I just tore some book paper and glued it down. Scraped blue neon craft paint and then hit it with a little colorburst! That stuff is fun! I like the butterfly page.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Altered desk chair

A few shots of the studio this evening. I redid the lace in the Lucille chair. If I'm not careful I will destroy the fabric redoing the damn thing. So the buttons are on but they are crooked. Please let me leave it alone!

I added the spring for a long neck to my Chelsea Rose can. Worked in the journal for some play instead of all work.
Placed my mandala's above the window the other day. Peace out.