Monday, February 29, 2016

tiny crocus

leather phone wallet

Got my leather cell phone wallet, really like it because it reminds me of a moleskine journal. We had to get another case to glue in it because the one that came with it was crap. I used the super sticky double red line tape to replace it.

Also got this cute two hole punch at a tag sale.  Riki is in trouble because we cleaned house and washed the throw rugs, he decided things were a little too clean so he marked the same rug twice and got his first two spankings ever.  

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gelli printing

Had some great fun playing with my new gelli's.  Trying out different color combos and making notes,  Maybe I will learn what colors not to print together. Don't use complimentary colors because it looks BAD! Love the blue and greens together.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Flag stamps

Check out these flag stamps my husband found at a flea market one day!  True treasure. Not sure if I have blogged about, them but I think they are worth a repeat. Don't you?

Glue stencils for the gelli plate

My little gelli plates got here today, better late than never, I picked out my own Valentine this year. (he picked out the card) Also have a leather wallet for my new phone on the way from Amazon.  Too  bad I skinned it up the other day.  I'm just lucky it still works.  Didn't take any insurance. YIKES! I hung on to it for dear life as I was falling but fumbled it when my hand hit the ground.

Hmmm, my spider web looks like the spider on drugs...

Used Traci Bautista's glue stencil idea. She is so generous to teach us her tricks. I love her style but tried to use my own ideas for the designs.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gelli on deli paper

 I laid out all my gelli's and printed on the big deli paper.  Can't wait to get my little ones to play with!

Friday, February 19, 2016

gelli journal page

I forgot to post the journal page I did with my gelli tine prints.  Paula Phillips worked on one page the other night and helped me realize that to work in the square, (the reason I bought this journal) I would have to just do one page spreads.  I really enjoyed the size.  Bottom left was one of my favorite gelli prints.  I did a few ATC's also.  

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Deli paper haul

I some how made these cards before I got the holder.  Meant to be, it is made of metal.  So cool old fashion receipt holder only $6.95.

Check the out that box of deli paper in the bottom picture! I buy a lot of art supplies at estate sales so when I got the email yesterday and spied that huge box of deli paper  I for sure was going! I really don't know why I thought I needed it since I don't have the large gelli plate but even though I'm a shut in I made the journey and was almost first in line. Two bucks!

I have a brand new cell phone that I don't know how to use, it rang while I was in the sale so I was checking it while heading to my car. I tripped and fell on an uneven drive way. Ouch!  Landed on one hand and knee, lucky just some road rash, I picked myself up and went on to Tuesday Morning even though I was bleeding. Found the other goodies and spent less than twenty dollars! 

I already hung the receipt holder and displayed some trading cards I've been working on.  Didn't want to pay fifteen bucks for a new roller from amazon the other day so am excited to find the refill for cheap!  I love a good bargain.  Makes shopping so much fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Warmed up just a little bit today so opened the house up and smudged with my homegrown lavender and sage stick.  I've been wanting to do that for a while but it has been really cold.  

Discovered that we had three times the healthy radon level in the house. I swear I feel 100% better since my husband installed the "radon mitigation system."  I asked him to be a guest blogger and tell the people how, but he said he wasn't interested.  I love that he can fix ANY THING I need fixed.  I got to drive a 1966 Mercedes Benz  for years just because he could fix it.  I loved that car, it was really hard to drive, 4 speed on the column.  It honked the horn when turning left.  
I like the morning glory and the passion flower, the rest look really bad to me.  Practice practice practice. Inktense pencils.

These baskets of fresh washcloths make the OCD in me so happy!  I just can't tell you.