Saturday, June 24, 2017

Lucy is invisible

 You can hardly see Lucy when she is laying on the rug. Perfect match.

 I can't decide if I even like the peace sign on my jacket. Looks cuter on Riki.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Peace mandala

 My wrist has healed enough that I have been working on the mandala again. Isn't it pretty? Really had visions of wearing my new jean jacket to the Willie Nelson concert at Starlight Theatre last night. The coat wasn't finished and it was 105 degrees outside. Got to see Dwight perform before they cancelled Willie. A bad storm rolled in so the weather cut the party short.

 Riki and Lucy got a few toys back today and actually played really nice together! Will be glad when they start sharing that bed.

Trying to decide which ribbon to use behind the green row. Decided to leave it.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

zentangle mandalas nyctophilia

 (n.) Love the darkness or night; love of the moon; comfort in the darkness.

I'm so stuck with the tarot card idea. I have that nice set all ready but I can't decide what I want to do with them.

Doodled some mandala's in the meantime.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Full Honey Moon

Miss Lucy lost a bunch of weight the first two weeks home. First, she was really fat when she got here from eating off the lunch truck with the guys at the soap plant. But then she lost a couple pounds before her surgery by "eating right". Poor thing probably really hates the food here. We feed a premium dog food but it is dog food after all. She healed up after her spay and is filling out. She got boney for a minute there, but looks nice and chubby again. She sure acts like she feels better. I had a little fun coloring her hair this week and can't wait for her to get her bath. She is one smelly girl, I had to put baby powder on her last night to cut the funk, I may do that again.

We are all mad at John for going out of town for work and the dogs have both left a message on his rug that he sits on with them. I did two peace mandala's this week but did not succeed in achieving any serenity. Just feel kind of pissed off and hungry. I will blame that on the fucking honey moon.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Oxide Ink play

Practiced with my oxide inks tonight. So pretty!

With doodles.

new tarot

I decided to make a new tarot deck after reading my cards the other day. I must not have known about matte medium back in the day cause those suckers were shiny! 

Typed my cheat cheat on clear labels with my trusty royal. That thing types like a dream! So funny, I started to comment on someones post the other day and used that keyboard by mistake.  I really want one of those old fashioned keyboards for my computer.

Got the new deck cut out and glued together. Need to work on my corner rounding skills but, whatever, the deck IS hand made. Going to use my new oxide inks and rubber stamps I think. 

So, back to the old deck, I coated each card front and back with matte medium and let them dry. Then dusted both sides with baby powder to cut the sticky. They have a much better "hand" now.

Couldn't resist another reading! This reading is what I would call an overkill message. Alright already. Ha. And I freaking messed up my mouse by using it with powder on my fingers! Dang.