Monday, December 31, 2018

New Strength card Flora tarot by mic fennel

 The two in the center are the new ones. I just spilled my coke on some of the others so will post once I'm done.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Flora tarot Bleeding Heart

OCD kicked in after reading my cards for the New Year. I had obviously picked up  the wrong pen to sketch my flower on a few cards. I like the new one much better.

How I couldn't see how bad it was then I have no idea. Gawd, so embarrassing. I used to keep all my art in the closet and here I am posting shit on line for all to SEE! 

Friday, December 28, 2018

galvanized storage

Spent the entire day sorting lamp parts for my assemblage art. Bought all this brass for so cheap that I couldn't pass it up, I'm sure I will find a way to use it. Hell, I should go into the lamp making business with all these parts I now own. My aunt Nita Lou would have loved this haul! Problem is, I had it sorted and stored at the bottom of my craft closet. 

So...I hit Hobby Lobby on Christmas Eve and picked up all these galvanized containers and also the cart at 50% off to help store it. I had thought about a solution for quite a while and had pre-shopped all but the cart, it worked really well. Lots of bins with lots of cool stuff to sift through. It is all so heavy so the small containers make it work well. Wasn't cheap but it was half price. Ha. Merry Christmas to me!

Made me a couple minutes late to the family holiday which my Dad didn't like one bit.  But, it helped me get my mind off the fact I had to attend the family affair. 

It was fun and my cousin gave me some premium products for making cards. Pearl Ex Series 2 AND two jars of molding paste. I think I was with her when she bought it! Also a really cool bottle. FUN! Thanks Terri JO! She had a great story about her granddaughter and a fishing bear. 

Can anyone say OCD?

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

flora tarot for the new year 2019

So interesting and true.
With the new improved cards. Can you find the ones I changed? Probably obvious to everyone but me.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

alcohol ink on yupo

I have been thinking about what to put in these frames for ages. Over thinking I should say, after seeing the gold foil technique with alcohol ink, decided that a peacock feather is always a good choice!

Hard to catch the gold leaf with my phone.
After seeing a picture on the internet I decided to upgrade my altar with the abalone shell for the smudge sticks. Going to gather some stones and crystals too. Need all the magic I can get this year.
 Just a silly journal page. My husband wants to know if Sybil has any brothers? Ha. She might...

Sunday, December 9, 2018

betta watercolor

I have been forcing myself to watercolor and just want to print with the new gelli arts plate. The practice is not making me any better.

Friday, December 7, 2018

junkin haul


My husband came home early from an overtime day and offered to take me to a sale! I was excited because it looked interesting and was right here in town. The lady was a quilter and I bought the most beautiful doll she made from an antique quilt. So precious and she is already in the purple bedroom. 

Overpaid for these "antique" doilies that still had the craft store tags on them. Oh well, they are really nice and I wanted them to do some dying. I got the doll for only $2.00. Such an insult to put a price like that on such a wonderful piece of handmade art. 


After asking about the price of the hankies I had to practically strong arm a dealer to get my first pick. She rushed me and I just kept saying please to her until she finally backed off. So aggressive for such a small women. I explained to her that I was going to look first and maybe she could shop the rest of the sale until I was done.  I promised not to buy them all and she hung over that basket like a vulture. After saying please forty two times while giving her the famous family glare she left me alone and I didn't see her again. 

I do love to go to sales and usually the people are okay but today was a little different.  My husband dropped me off and went to park. I greeted the lady working the sale outside as we entered together. She ignored me. I thought, oh well, maybe she is a deaf mute. Ha. I spoke again and was ignored. She had to answer me about the hankies so I knew she could hear at that point. handsome husband came in and she greeted him like an old friend which made me chuckle. What the hell, then had the altercation with this "Thumbelina" woman. Once I found out she was a dealer I had no problem backing her off. They do tend to take the fun out of the whole junking atmosphere. I am polite to people all day but the minute they cross the line I do not back down. I am not passive and only get mean when necessary. I do think I need to avoid that behavior as much as possible. That is why I stay home.
So, bought ALL the good hankies and a bag of thread. Found the watercolor tubes and the hand carved doll.

It was a great haul but I feel like people need to back off and try to be kind. I need to learn to be nice even though they aren't.

That won't happen because I am old and stubborn and will always hold my ground no matter what. After a certain age I just got sick of the bullshit. If you can't be nice then cool just stay away from me. I'm full. Not that I have ever been someone that put up with any shit I have always been polite.

So, "please! step away from the hankies"!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

8x8 dylusion journal

 Had fun with the fight flight or freeze page. I wish my fish looked more like watercolor. I like my sample flower but when painting I lose it.