Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

His toes have so many layers of mistakes but I'm liking this version.  At one point they looked like monkey toes instead if Ganesha toes.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gelli printing on round labels

Patti Tolley Parrish inspired some art the other day.  She had printed some of her art on round stickers so I was doing the same.  Then I had the idea of gelli printing directly on the labels.  That was fun!  Going to do some stamping on them and can't wait to use in my journal.
Wireless printer scanner, mouse and keyboard!  I have to say that the problems setting up the Canon printer were all mine.  Turn your firewall off when installing new stuff.  A beginner's mistake for sure.   I had to switch back to a right hand mouse to get a wireless trackball.  Good thing I'm ambidextrous.  I used a right hand mouse up until last year then switched.  I guess both feel right now.

Ganesha stamp collage

The stars lined up and his hands are done.  Lucky for me stamps are thin, therefore I can layer them.  My mosaics in the past were done with tile and snapping tile is much more difficult and mistakes not so easily dealt with.  Good thing, cause I'm an old lady now and don't have much strength in my hands.  (Probably from snapping tile.) My eyesight is not great either so if there is something really messed up it is because I can't see it.  So glad I made all those mosaic's when I did, actually that is the only art that survived Katrina. The rest washed out to sea.  I still have a problem with that because as an artist you think that maybe your art will out last you and be something you leave behind.  Guess it doesn't work that way.  I've had to learn to accept some really difficult things lately.  It is against my nature because in my life if I don't like something I change it, make it better.  I don't just accept what comes at me.  Can't change it so letting it go.  That mirror is long gone. Dang, it was nailed to the house and have no idea.  I salvaged the swimming pool tiles and the mosaics but that was about it.  Total loss.  

I'm eager for the solstice tomorrow.  Took a dip this morning before the heat set in and worked in my flowers.  I plan on cutting my lavender and white sage for fresh smudge sticks.  Everything is so lush and green from all the rain this year.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stamp Ganesha Collage

After spending way too many hours trying to set up a wireless printer through my router I enjoyed losing myself in the Ganesha.  To hell with that printer I've got stamps!  I did some fine tuning and the dreaded left hand.  It wasn't as hard as I thought, I have been trying to right brain this collage from the very beginning.  While I'm not working on it, that is.  Thankfully once I get started the left brain takes over and the tiny communists turn into fingernails.  My husbands thinks maybe all those men are royalty but to me they are communists.  Ha.

As for the printer I might take the S.O.B. back.  I called tech service on both the router and the printer and they tag teamed me, stating that it was the other device that was the problem. Once I changed my network password twice and called the Canon people back the guy told me that it was ten til ten there and he was basically off.  What would y'all do?  This wireless stuff is really great if you can get it to work.  I'm all ready for the new desk!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

Worked on his shoulders today.  While sorting some stamps last night I found the rest of the goldfish with gray. I've lost track a couple times by throwing the last few stamps on a tray at 2am and assuming I can pick up exactly where I left off.  Can't take my eyes off him.  Love the mellow color and all the stories those stamps have to tell.  Such amazing art. I'm nervous about his fingers and toes but excited to have him looking so cool so far.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

I spent the weekend looking at the Ganesha and man that right eyebrow was bothering me.  I had left both unfinished and must have used the stamps elsewhere because I had a hard time finding two more in that particular shade of eyebrow blue.  I finally found two that were close and then then one was a little larger so it looked crooked to me.  Had to find one more and I think it is better now.  I'll know soon enough because I have such a critical eye for my work.  Actually I think I'm a really harsh critic.  I know what doesn't look right but sometimes my skills are lacking.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Arc

I bought a new wireless keyboard today and the keys are not in the same spot as the other.  It is really small so I will have more room to art and hopefully I will spend most of my time doing that instead of looking at pinterest.  Someone did say that those times when you are not productive are okay because really you are thinking about art and looking at things that inspire.  
The keyboard is a Microsoft Arc.  It has a small curve to it that is really nice.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stamp ganesha collage

Did some more work on his belly today.  I will have to admit that I have been chanting while working on this collage.  I can feel that energy they talk about and love being able to tap into it so easily. Sometimes my brain just won't stop thinking when trying to meditate and the chanting helps.  I started out just a few minutes the first day and learned how to say the words.  Nam  Myoho  Renge Kyo.  I'm up to 15 minutes and don't really want to stop then.  Only alone of course.  I would be embarrassed if my husband were home.  I found a you tube of Tina Turner chanting on Larry King.  That girl vibrates!

On another whole different plane...I found a vintage steel tanker desk in the most lovely shade of green today!  My husband thinks I'm crazy but I am feeling the industrial steam punk trend and can't wait to get it!  My buddy Dave is in Vegas but said he would pick it up for me on Monday.  That seems like forever.  It is in really great shape and takes me back to one of my first jobs in a bank in downtown Kansas City.  That building was really old and all the office furniture and equipment were from the 40's.  I had this huge desk that was gunmetal gray and it was parked right next to a window overlooking Grand Ave.  I would roam around and explore that place every chance I got.  The stairways were majestic.  I've had about fifty jobs since then that were better but never one with such a desk.    I think I will enjoy this new one even more than the wooden one I lost in Katrina.  It was really cool and came out of the Sear's and Roebuck building in Kansas City.  I like old stuff.  The best part is I bought it from an old neighbor in Raytown, MO.  Juanita, she and her husband Don were great sports when we lived next door as newly weds having frequent pool parties.  They never complained one time.  We tried to be respectful but we did like to party.  The color is better in person and I will repost when it is in place!

Friday, June 12, 2015

6" round gelli plate

I worked on my collage so long it hurt my neck then I played with my new gelli plates until my back gave out.  Had these prints on my desk from the other day and then Patti Tolley Parrish inspired me to do a painted page for ATC's.  I'm not done with it yet but wanted photo's at this stage.  I missed half her stream so really have no idea what I'm doing but it sure is fun!

Check out the paint cart!  Really handy and I'm pleased with the quality of the wheels.
I took it too far.  Going to cut it into Atc's.

Ganesha Stamp Collage

I did some belly work on the Ganesha today.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

Worked his belt and sash tonight, his belly needs some more work but it is really late. Riki has been so good today, he let me ART!

Got the sad news that my favorite Aunt Pauline has passed.  I miss her already.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

My Fude Ball pens arrived today, just in time I think.  The farther I get on my collage the more I think I'm going have to outline it.  We shall see.

Now my dilemma, I also received my Raskog cart from Amazon!  Not IKEA, a normal person would probably just go to IKEA and buy the cart but NO I ordered it and waited a solid week and opened the BOX and OH NO they sent the wrong color.  They sent the turquoise.  I know, how could that be the wrong color?  That is my dilemma.  I love it but I ordered the grey because it matches my current desk.   But, just as I'm writing this I'm deciding to keep the turquoise because it is the perfect shade of turquoise and I love it! Off to organize my new paint cart.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - 24 Minute Chant.

ICAD 2015

I decided to do the ICAD challenge every day.  I just can't follow directions, I started early, used the wrong stuff and then I discovered this awesome chant.  It ended up all over the cards for the next week.  I'm still going to work on them everyday and will read the prompts but not going to limit myself to someone else's ideas.  I'm sure it will help me on days I am stuck, but like I said, I don't follow directions.  My biggest problem in life was teachers and employers trying to tell me how to dress, I don't do dress codes either. Just don't try to tell me what to do and we will get along just fine.  That includes husbands and boyfriends and anyone else for that matter.  Maybe that is why I never went to art school.  I took one or two acrylic lessons back in the 80's.  It was me in my late twenties and five old people in someones unfinished basement.  Easels lined up with no light except from the lamps clipped to each.  I was okay with all of that until the woman decided to add a few brush strokes of her own to my corn stalks.  THAT pissed me off.  Then the next week they ganged up on me and my progress and accused me of having lessons because I guess I was good.  I never went back and that was the extent of my formal training.  I take that back, my grade school art teacher gave me a reason to live and I was so excited when she came to class.  As for junior high, the art class turned into a creepy party for the creepy sponsors of the yearbook.  If that doesn't turn you off teachers nothing will.  What really makes me sick about that story is that creep is a pretty famous artist in the area and I feel cheated that he wasn't interested in teaching it to me.  What a letch.