Saturday, November 18, 2017

Flora tarot by mic

Check out these circus boxes I scored today! The liquor guys were restocking and when I asked for one they came up with two! So excited!  Love the graphics! 
I've done four hermits or five. I think the one on the right is THE one for the deck. 

I wasn't happy with the drawing and the inks were too dark so I pulled the reference picture up on my phone and took my glasses off and worked on it that way. Much happier with the drawing, I need new glasses.

 Ten down so almost halfway there. If I hadn't started over I would almost be DONE!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Flora tarot by mic

 Not sure if I should redo number 9 so took a picture to help me decide.

Poor dogs got haircuts and were chilly so I broke out a t shirt and hoodie that Buster used to wear. I don't think Lucy has ever worn cloths before.

Monday, November 13, 2017

jean jacket refashion

Removed the pink off the monkshood and started the morning glory. Going to bring the vine down the left sleeve. I have the coolest picture of my morning glories that I'm using, I love the way they wind around each other and reach for the sky.

Can't seem to get a close up shot of the embroidery on the hankie,  it is there but very subtle.

Lucy is so fluffy and beautiful, poor thing has to have a haircut on wednesday. They are both starting to matt and I can't have that. So miserable for them even though I carefully remove them. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Finch feeder

 Picked up this cool feeder at Menard's, it is glass and metal. Hope the finch find it soon.

Worked on the monkshood (center purple flowers). I enjoy embroidery but remember what I don't like about it. So SLOW! Takes forever to do enough to see a flower.  I'm sore and barely see a difference from day to day.

My Ken Oliver craft mat came today and I was shocked at how different it was from Rangers. So worried that it wouldn't work with the oxide inks because it is not slick. Well, did a few samples and I think I might like it.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

jean jacket refashion

The garden is growing slowly. Believe it or not I worked the left columbine and weird leaf today....all day and it still isn't done. I haven't added a lot of foliage because I think there will be eventually be grass involved. The poppies on the other side should be orange but that just doesn't go with my color scheme so made them pink!       

It has been fun using my sketches for the tarot deck project in a different medium at the same time. I haven't done much with the oxide inks because I am waiting for my new Ken Oliver WHITE craft mat! Hope it gets here soon. I made a hot glue stencil on my old Tim Holtz mat and the inks just haven't behaved well since. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jean jacket refashion

 more snakes

I haven't blogged much lately but I have been doing art. Working in my dylusion journal and adding details to my coat.

 Blue doggy had to be stitched up while adding dorset buttons from Austria to my coat!