Tuesday, January 2, 2018

flora tarot by mic Justice Aster

Only two more cards to go, that is if I don't start redoing some of them. I've gotten better and want them all to look good. Seeing  them all together I notice my improvement and need to let perfection go and keep the deck.
Found an old post from June, wow that is when I started working on the deck. I switch between that and the coat using the same sketches. Really fun!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Flora tarot by mic

The World and Judgement cards are done. Not pretty but done. I might redo them at some point.

The top olive is still wet in this picture. Looks better dry.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ready for the new year

Almost done with the major arcana of my flora tarot deck. I'm having a little block. Used up my nervous holiday anxiety to  reorganize the entire studio.

I've been trying to get my husband to move the tonsu for over a year. It gave me an entire wall to work with. Made a cozy spot for the dogs also.

If I wasn't so pleased with the new space and paint cart I would point out to him that I would not have been bitching about selling this house so much if he had just moved the damn thing. Maybe he will figure it out himself. He also fixed a pole in my laundry closet so I could reach it. So guess what? This house ain't so bad after all...I do want a house someday that has a huge studio and don't really care about the rest of it besides I would prefer NO neighbors. We have been here for eleven years. Dang...

We picked the cart up at harbor freight a few weeks ago and he painted it for me. It was red.  I was going to use it for moving the sewing machine back and forth but it is a little top heavy. Embarrassed to say that this is not all of my paint.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Custom luxury dog bed

Luxury. By luxury I mean the fabric came from our trip to Austria and the insides are composed of some really nice pillows I auditioned before I found the right one. One pillow was the memory foam stuff and the other was down. So I'm not going to do the math but let's just say it is a good Christmas for the babies!
They both liked the idea from the beginning. Lucy took a three hour nap on her pillow before any sewing happened which delayed the process. I wish I would have snapped a picture of that.

Lucy's couch took me hours on end with the planning and surprises that always come with sewing. I don't see things in my head spatially. I don't even know where I am spatially...Anyway the piping took hours and it did not turn out the way I had it planned. And the arms I freaking had a stupid moment and shortened them while cutting things out!

That said, I LOVE it!

 Riki's pillow took just thirty minutes by throwing out the design ideas and using up the leftover fabric. His feathers are sideways and no armrests for him. Ran out of fabric.

Don't tell him!
They like it!