Friday, October 19, 2018

Live Oak Alcohol Ink Gelli Print

FINALLY! I have been working on this Live Oak print for months. I've filmed the "great reveals" on quite a few really bad prints! Quit that shit a while ago because it got embarrassing.

I never gave up. I ran out of ink in a couple of colors. I made new with sharpies and 91% alcohol. That worked great! I pulled prints on water color paper and card stock, then went to Michael's for a pad of printing paper. I printed the entire PAD!

This is the LAST piece  of that pad and either I'm just drunk on the fumes or I LIKE IT! I won't share the fails at this point, just take my word for it. This has been a challenge and I feel pretty good right now!

Art heals.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Peace yoga pant refashion

Found this peace material at my buddies house and asked if I could have it! He says "one mans trash is another man's treasure"!

Also, had two pair of yoga pants that were "high waters" (too short). Anyway spent the last few putting cuffs on my yoga pants. They are really cute and will keep my ankles warm this winter. I had left over flannel so made two more pair even though they were long enough. 

They are wonky as pair upside down but not sideways, two other pair just one leg upside down and then I did one pair right! 

Whatever. I will keep that in mind next time I buy fabric. I wish they would make fabric that is printed on both sides and can be upside down with no problem. Those are some of my biggest challenges when sewing. I like leaving them weird. But spent hours trying to perfect the stitching which is impossible. Close enough.