Friday, July 6, 2018


I ended up using  gouache on this because I am no good at watercolor. It turned out okay but really need to practice. I found it on my watercolor pad, I had started it in 2017.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Cargo Largo craft haul

Oh my gosh I got such great deals at Cargo Largo today on some awesome art supplies. Just can't pass up a bargain.

Love being able to go on line and seeing exactly how much I saved! Retail $225 spent $77 saved $145!! YES!

 Jane Davenport glitz-sea watercolor set for $15 bucks!
The center of this flower is as thick as a nickel. I have tendinitis in my right hand so bad I had to switch my mouse hand, good thing I am ambidextrous. I'm going to have to put the coat down for a while so my hands can heal. 

Jean jacket refashion

My fingers are bloody raw from working on the center of this flower! Ouch, if I had only placed it slightly to the left I wouldn't be sewing through that darn double seam pocket again! 

I'm considering using applique  to finish off the petals. I have some great fabrics that would be cool.

This lampshade needed to be sealed because it was a huge dust magnet. Instead of dust it now has a peacock feather stuck to it!
 Interesting story about this picture of my husband's grandpa (standing to the right of the guy with the vest).
One of John's Dad's friends found it at an antique shop and noticed the family name so it bought it for him. Amazing I think. He was born in Emporia but the picture was found in Olathe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sudden storm!

This storm blew in from no where today! I got brave and went out back to take pictures of the area they said a tornado was touching down in Lake Lotawana, MO.  The wind chased me back inside to alert my husband who unfortunately was driving just south of that mess! He ducked under a bank drive thru to avoid hail damage on his brand new truck! Okay wait, I texted him first then went to take pictures. He said I should call next time...he was way too close for comfort and I showed him how to enable his weather alerts on his phone. Holy crap! He just had surgery after a traffic accident with a deer, that wreck was right by the freaking tornado today. I think he should find another way in and out of town.

And the tornado! It was a small one but did some dock damage, flipped some pontoons and a lot of trees down on houses. These pictures were taken about 8 miles south of the storm.

Received my new pin cushion so will start sewing on my jacket tomorrow! I really like it!  Found a few little garden dangles in my stash to attach when I get closer to being done.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

jean jacket refashion

Stayed up until 3am working on this passion flower and barely got the outline done. Sure hope it turns out because that pocket is a bitch to embroider on!


Saturday, June 16, 2018

coloring book by mic

Having fun coloring in my homemade coloring book. Using markers and gel pens so far. The doodle on upper right is a sticky note I use as my scratch pad to keep my pens fresh. 

So glad to have saved my odd sheets of paper. That fuchsia on the lower right was just a doodle while on the phone or distracted. Sorry about the bad pictures, used my phone and not a good angle.

Check out these lips I found at the thrift store for my gelli plate!