Saturday, March 17, 2018

flashback flu

I got the flashback flu!  Horrible! So sick all I can do is lay around and have flashbacks of my wonderful childhood. Gawd. Finally sleeping so I will get better.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


I have been holed up in the house for most of February. Talked my husband into taking me to Menards for some $9.00 bamboo shoe racks. Also picked up a GALLON of Floetrol! 

The Cargo Largo is in that area and I told him that I wanted to go check the craft isle. Sometimes you go and they have nothing, but sometimes you go and they have a shit load of stuff! I'm so excited! 

Before I left the house I checked my one flat circle punch hoping to find another and didn't want two the same size. It is such a random item and I could not believe my eyes when I found both a 1" and then a 2" for 4 and 5 dollars! What?! I checked retail when I got home and saved quite a few dollars right there. Went through my entire receipt of goodies and the results were $80.00 paid....$212.00 retail that would be $132.00 saved, right?! I LOVE a bargain! Best shopping ever for me. I can't have as much fun if I don't get a deal. And, I bought some stuff that I never buy because of they are too expensive, like those spectrum noir alcohol markers. Retail $50.00 paid$17.00.

I need to go art with my new stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Full worm moon

I don't know what the heck happened at the groomer's yesterday but Riki bit Miss Patti and Lucy bruised her arm really bad in the tub! This is the third time they have ever been groomed and you can see how sweet they usually are.

They both drank gallons of water when they got home and then slept for two days. I think it was pretty traumatic for all. Riki even bit John early this morning. I sure hope they get settled down soon.
Riki has never bitten anyone by the way...I won't be sending them off to be groomed on the full moon ever again and I AM going to call Miss Patti for more information next week. I was a little too pissed off today. 

They both trembled today. Not sure if it was the temp or the trouble. I'm thinking, that she overbooked because of the ice storm last week and the poor things sat in a cage and watched her groom other dogs for hours and by the time she got to them they were hysterical. I won't share that with her until after we talk. I'm not sure who is worse for wear so don't really know how to handle it. 

I have always groomed them myself because I don't trust anyone. It takes me hours and when we found Lucy we decided to try sending them out.

I made her a little peace t shirt. Hope it helps.
Maybe I need to make Patti one too.

Monday, February 26, 2018

In the studio

I've been feeling uninspired and lazy playing candy crush way too much lately. Then I took some pictures of the work I've done on my coat this week and check out those pours! I guess I'm not totally dull and being careful not to pour paint on my coat! I changed the dorset buttons to a different blue for the center of those three flowers. (I bought them in Austria.)
I want to do a couple more canvas acrylic pours to add to these and maybe make an entire galaxy! I also have some old 78 records so that will be cool. I could do a sun and a moon on those!  These remind me of nebulas.

My video was so silly but I think the pours are okay. I was nervous so I told myself to just pretend like I was talking to Riki...that explains the baby talk and breaking into a soprano occasionally. Gawd. Maybe next one I will pretend I'm talking to an adult. The first video I didn't talk and I sped it up. Much better that way but I had such a glare from poor lighting that I didn't even post it. Third time is a charm.

Friday, February 16, 2018

acrylic pour 02 15 2018

I did a little you tube video of my last pour. My voice sounds like a little old ladies voice...oh wait. I am an old lady. A little dull but the pour turned out good!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Acrylic pour

Did another pour last night. It looks totally different today.

I like it! So fun!