Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blue bottle tree

Lets face it, my bottle tree is pitiful. But...found the mother lode of blue bottles at a sale today! 

 Lucy watched me fix it up.

 Found brass  3.00 ea, silk scarves 1.00 ea, tooled leather purses 5.00 ea, the blue bottles 3.00 ea but the grimy red thing was the deal of the day! Telescoping gauges we paid .25. Ha. 

 My husband knew they were worth much more than that but 125.00 Bucks! Woo Hoo!

 Look at this little Red Cross pin I found in my booty 1919.

 After waiting fucking 6 to 7 weeks for a phony ass mechanical keyboard from amazon. (My husband told me it was not real) I finally gave up and got a refund and bought this at the local best buy. It is a really good gaming keyboard, but I bought it for the clicking keys! Now I can type again. That apple keyboard was jacked up. I can not stand to wait for anything so this was driving me crazy. Supposedly it was on a slow boat from China... 
This silk scarf is from Italy. Seta or silk in english.

Monday, August 14, 2017

flora tarot by mic The Fool

 Finally decided how I'm going to make the new deck. Big problem with the Royal manual typewriter NO SPELL CHECK. I had to change the meaning of the flower.  I wanted to draw a frame around the 

edges and put a square around the number but I know I don't have those skills so I chose to add the border by layering on plain card stock with the background text stamped on it.