Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wicked witch of the south

I have spent the last three days creating this witch and I'm so sick of her I can't even tell you.  My back hurts and that witch doesn't care.  All she cares about is if I have her boobs perfect and the chocolate is close enough that she can reach it.

Thankfully my husband came to the rescue last night and gave her a backbone and a neck.  (He doesn't like me mentioning "no neck", his ex.) I had her looking like a linebacker with a spine of steel.  Not to mention her double DD's.  She was really out of proportion.  He also came up with the curly toe idea.  Brilliant!

Even though she is a two faced witch, I brought out some of my creepy friends to keep her company.  I think they can hold their own with her.  

I warned them...

Logan's Frank White zombie is watching the game with Grandpa.  Go Chiefs!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gelli print greeting cards

Utilized my gelli prints on white card stock to make some birthday cards.  I purposely left the edge showing because I thought it made them more interesting.  Let's hope my friends feel the same.  

Used my coluzzel template and deli paper gelli prints to make the envelopes.  What a perfect weight.

Monday, September 23, 2013

More gelli printing

I've been watching Patti Tolley Parrish on ustream.  She did a video on these foam stamps so I had to try it.  Thanks for the inspiration Patti!

My favorite.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


You cannot tell in the photos but most every other row is metallic gold thread.  Looks really pretty in person because there is a gold thread running through the material. 

Here a shot with the Yorkie stairs.  I bought these at big lots years ago.  Wish I would have bought more.  They have been on the patio, porch and now using them in the bedroom.

Peacock inspiration.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

more sewing

I added pin tucks and some embroidery stitches to my scarf.  Not done yet, I think a few more rows will do it.  This is a shot of both ends.

I don't know about anyone else but I lay on a heating pad nightly for back pain.  Got so tired of looking at that nasty blue synthetic fabric that I customized mine a while back.  Updated the non velvet side to match the new fabrics.  This looks great in the picture so I won't go into the whole nightmare sewing story.  Okay, I will.  By the time I finished the damn thing was 1/4 inch TOO SMALL!  My husband convinced me that trimming a heating pad would not be a good idea so I folded an edge over and taped it with electrical tape.  (After having a not so lady like cussing fit.)  Anything to save that last remnant of cotton velvet!  One corner was a little wonky and I kept missing the edge of the velvet.  That is what sewing is like for me.  Always at least one wonky edge.
The last log.

We had a camp fire tonight.  Nice under an almost full moon.

Monday, September 16, 2013

new quilt

Buster loves his new blankie.  I love the new quilt.  Ordered from  It is really pretty, 100% cotton and well made.

I made the striped scarf, it really ties all the colors together.  I also made a little pillow case for Buster's pillow.  He is not spoiled or anything.

John will be painting the walls an olive green to match the color of the applique on the curtains. I will have to bring my peacock wreath in here.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buster's blankie

  Broke in my new machine on a new little blankie for Buster.  He has been using a hand towel, so this is a big upgrade for him.  I bought a new quilt for our bed and going to use these fabrics for a pillow and scarf to bring all my colors together. 

I spent days embroidering, maybe to put off the difficult task of binding the quilt. John had to take Buster to bed because every time I attempted the binding he felt my anxiety and whined until I was just about berserk.  Don't ya just love to sew?  This is by no means perfect but I'm calling it done.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Janome

I'm starting to understand the fascination the guys have with make,model and year of cars.  After doing research with my friends and the Internet I chose the Janome New Home 2013!  I am a "not so great seamstress", so I did not deserve the top model.  This one is so much more than my last machine that my husband says I will get better.  Our experience at Missouri Sewing Machine on 291 Hi way, Independence, Mo was really special.  The parking lot was full and I joked with my husband that they were having a party, turns out  I was right.  They have monthly meeting to show off their latest project.  So, all the sales people were occupied with several buying customers and the party goers.  We were greeted by Clint who politely answered all our questions and revealed to us that he works in the back on the machines.  We were thrilled to talk to the guy that knew the real story about the Janome brand.  Did you know that they use a metal frame for all models?  He was the prefect guy for me because I have an aversion to the hard sell and I ended up buying a much nicer machine than I thought I deserved. To top it off we lugged my serger in for him to check the threading, he found my problem and had it fixed in less than a minute.  It wasn't the threading, but a burr. What a great employee and guy!  Thanks Clint!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

gelli print page

Started the background by gluing gelli printed deli paper with matt medium.

Blacked out the background with black gesso.

Stamped white circles, but then punched circles out of another gelli print and glued over the white.  Dotted the borders with white acrylic paint and an embossing tool.  Calling it done.