Saturday, November 30, 2013

crystal snowflakes

I like to collect antique glass bead necklaces to take apart and make snowflake ornaments.  It took me only two days to learn how to wire the tiny snowflake on the top.  I think I have it figured out now, so will be making more tomorrow.  The larger snowflakes are threaded onto wire spoke forms.

I finally found the old fashion wire tree at a tag sale!  It is a little wonky but still thrilled to have it!  My husband is thrilled to hear that this is our Christmas tree for the year.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

nine of swords

Did some ghosting on a title with gesso and some antique stencils.  I think I need to dress the letters up a little bit tomorrow.  Maybe use some gel pens.

number 9

This page started out as a zen doodle and then I'm not sure what happen.  Played with drips probably a little too much.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tuesday Morning haul

Tiny haul but I paid only 12 bucks for all.  I love inkadinkaclings!  Those rub ons were not that great of a deal but really like the guy on the upper left.  So I paid 2 bucks for him alone.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

gelli print page

Added a little green metallic border on this page and calling it done.  Just looking at it makes me want to break out my gelli plate for even more PRINTS!  

smudge sticks

Harvest was pitiful this year on my sage and lavender.  I killed my lavender last year by trimming it too close to the ground.  Who knew?  Anyway, John started some new lavender and I grew blue Victoria salvia in a pot out back.  There is a tiny bit of white salvia in the mix.  Hopefully next year it will produce.

I did make two nice sticks out of it.  Good thing because I burned my last one in my fire pot the other day.  It was too dry to smudge with.
This was my harvest a few years back!  I made enough to share with my neighbor that year.

  I was totally tuned in that day, I felt some bad shit coming and I was right.  I needed to remove some bad energy around me on that day and the years to come!  Too bad my powers don't reach out to the ones I love.  Peace and love everyone.  Keep the energy positive at your house at least.

Monday, November 11, 2013

orange poppy gelli print

Not done with this page but really like the orange poppies.  I'm dreaming of spring.  I guess because my California poppies have reseeded.  Cleaned my forty foot flower bed this morning.  Temp was around 70 overcast but mild.  I pulled all the zinnias and then the morning glories.  Burned in the fire pot.  Got a little hairy at times.  Actually I singed my hair.  Oh and I can't move my right elbow anymore.   
My husband came home around 3:30pm and headed outside to finish my job for me.  The temp had changed drastically 35 and windy and cold.  Damn Missouri weather.  Supposed to drop to 18 tonight.  Bye bye poppies.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

gelli prints

I printed this picture of a bird from the internet onto transparency film. 

I cut it out with my heat tool to make a stencil.  I really like the silhouette.

Then I took a sharpie and drew a bunch of poppy pods and cut them also.  I like the mask more than the stencil.

Printed with black acrylic paint onto some previous prints using the masks.  LOVE it!  I watched someone's video using just black.  Such a great idea for those gelli prints gone bad.

Found this Ivory soap at a sale yesterday.  One dollar a bar.  The paper is in really great shape considering the 1945 date on the back.  Love this because my husband works for the P & G soap plant here in town.

Friday, November 8, 2013

cigar box

This is my fifth attempt at a transfer on this wooden cigar box.  

Okay, it is not perfect but I'm calling it done.  Some times I just can't make things exactly the way I would like to, no matter how many times I try.  I will call this box practice.  I've been reading blogs all day.  Such wonderful inspiration out there.  I'm wondering why no one ever comments on my posts?  Any ideas?  Anything?  Are you really out there?  I would love to have feedback.  :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

hand cut stencils

I finally got the nerve to make some stencils today with my Creative Hotmarks tool.  Very easy and did not burn myself once.  I downloaded some free clip art and printed them on inkjet transparency film.   

paper storage rack

Found this old fashion cloths dryer when junking last weekend!  I almost threw it away because it was so SMELLY!  I sprayed the hell out of it with Lysol and that only made it worse.  And, I almost gassed myself.   

Threw it outside for the night and then read on the Internet that you can seal in that awful smell.  

I let it set in the sun and dry for almost a week then my husband sealed it with Krylon Matt Sealer.  Worked great. I love having all my paper on display.  

I picked up a few easels to hold my Making Memories display trays.  Cool huh?