Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wicked witch of the south

I have spent the last three days creating this witch and I'm so sick of her I can't even tell you.  My back hurts and that witch doesn't care.  All she cares about is if I have her boobs perfect and the chocolate is close enough that she can reach it.

Thankfully my husband came to the rescue last night and gave her a backbone and a neck.  (He doesn't like me mentioning "no neck", his ex.) I had her looking like a linebacker with a spine of steel.  Not to mention her double DD's.  She was really out of proportion.  He also came up with the curly toe idea.  Brilliant!

Even though she is a two faced witch, I brought out some of my creepy friends to keep her company.  I think they can hold their own with her.  

I warned them...

Logan's Frank White zombie is watching the game with Grandpa.  Go Chiefs!


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