Thursday, February 27, 2014

beaded scarf

I made this a few months ago and just now getting around to beading it. It looked like I had plenty of beads and a plan. But, I had to do some serious scrounging for ten special beads.  I knew that I was a little short, but reality didn't sink in until I ran out of a key bead!  No way I could replace them at Michael's because most of my beads come from old jewelry.  I found a barrel bead the same width and used two of them to make the length.  Whew!

Can you tell which is different?

Here is a shot with the new fan and carpet.  Painting has to wait for my husband to have some time off  work...I can paint a picture, but for the life of me can't paint a wall.  Well, I can paint a wall, but also touch the ceiling and woodwork and would never trust myself with a gallon of paint on the new carpet!


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