Friday, April 25, 2014

gelli plate collage

 I have been waiting all week for my craft paint from Amazon.  I got inspired to do this kuba cloth gelli print collage.  Then, I ran out of paint...mind you, my husband was home for four days and offered many times to run me over to Michael's and even at midnight Saturday night he offered to take me to Wal-Mart.  But no, I let my phobias stop me from leaving the house.  I live south of Kansas City and have to take some dangerous roads to get to any store.  The two lane highway out of our small town had two fatality wrecks in one short week.  Not to mention the four lane highway has had a crazy fucking sniper randomly shooting at people! Plus, being a scary stretch of four lane full of aggressive drivers in giant suv's.  If you are not in the correct lane for Hobby Lobby they freaking WILL NOT let you go to Hobby Lobby.  I found myself playing bumper cars because I freaking am going to Hobby Lobby even if your car is bigger than mine.

 So, I tried the idea out in my journal with my sample prints and I think it is going to be great.  I primed the canvas below with gesso and am just waiting for my paint.  I ordered many bottles of paint and they have been shipping them to me two at a time.  AND not the two I need for this project!  I made a few foam stamps to mimic my mud cloth idea.

I swear, if the paint isn't at the post office today I will be going in to town after all.  Instead of just doing another project, I have spent the entire week.  Waiting.  So hard to do when you are inspired.  Let the PRINTING begin!

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