Saturday, August 9, 2014

August in the garden

I've spent my week training the puppy and pressing tiny hearts from my morning glories.  They put out the perfect pair of hearts on thier second leaves after germinating.  Not that they aren't perfect in all sizes. I have tried to press some of all.  They will be perfect to make flower mandalas in the dead of winter next year.  I have plenty of tiny zinnia petals and needed some green for accent.

The puppy is a big challenge.  I will say that after lots of reading on the internet we are both beginning to understand where we have gone wrong.  Riki is perfect and just wants to please us.  I had to pull my head out of the "puppy love" cloud and realize that he is almost six months old and NOT potty trained!  Bad news.  The belly band has saved the carpet but that is supposed to be just in case.  Things are going better today.
 Actually things seem pretty perfect.  

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micky said...

P.S. The puppy was eating morning glorys as I was gathering and tripping his little head off. WARNING folks don't let the little dog eat the flowers!