Wednesday, September 17, 2014

peace pj's

I used a homemade mask and a peace stencil for this shirt.  After a lot of practice I found if I put the large mask down first then the small stencil on top, for some reason, knocked the little peace signs back.  I'm not sure how that works but I'm glad I did some experimenting on another surface.  Sprayed with tumble dye.  Cut a freezer paper mask and rubber stamped the peace sign with a text stamp.  Three layers.  Maybe more coming.  I actually was trying to work on a completely different shirt but had this idea in my mind so here ya go.  Now maybe I can go back to my shibori shirt without throwing peace signs at it.  Ha.
Little Riki had to spend the day at the vet to be neutered.  He is home safe but still in pain.  My poor baby.  I tried to keep my mind busy working on my next set of pj's.  Good thing I bought an extra yard of each fabric because I cut the first side out UPSIDE down. Dang!  

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