Wednesday, November 19, 2014

kuba cloth gelli collage

I reworked this collage last week.  It hangs above my bed and was inspired by this scarf I made last year.
I like it a lot better.  I wanted it to mimic the fabric but using some kuba cloth designs.  I added the cigar band stripes, because they had the gold I wanted in the collage.  Also, changed up the color on the beige and blue stripes.

My husband thinks I'm ocd because he liked it before.  I think I'm silly because I keep my bedroom so dark no one would ever know the beige was wrong.

This a shot of the before.  I felt the color was off and it needed more definition between the stripes.  I guess I really didn't like it because I couldn't find a picture of it hanging.

My husband has replaced the cheap pocket door in the master bedroom and now is ready to paint!  I'm going with the Behr mocha latte, chocolate paint color in there and the master bath.  Can't wait to see it all finished!

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