Saturday, June 13, 2015

Stamp ganesha collage

Did some more work on his belly today.  I will have to admit that I have been chanting while working on this collage.  I can feel that energy they talk about and love being able to tap into it so easily. Sometimes my brain just won't stop thinking when trying to meditate and the chanting helps.  I started out just a few minutes the first day and learned how to say the words.  Nam  Myoho  Renge Kyo.  I'm up to 15 minutes and don't really want to stop then.  Only alone of course.  I would be embarrassed if my husband were home.  I found a you tube of Tina Turner chanting on Larry King.  That girl vibrates!

On another whole different plane...I found a vintage steel tanker desk in the most lovely shade of green today!  My husband thinks I'm crazy but I am feeling the industrial steam punk trend and can't wait to get it!  My buddy Dave is in Vegas but said he would pick it up for me on Monday.  That seems like forever.  It is in really great shape and takes me back to one of my first jobs in a bank in downtown Kansas City.  That building was really old and all the office furniture and equipment were from the 40's.  I had this huge desk that was gunmetal gray and it was parked right next to a window overlooking Grand Ave.  I would roam around and explore that place every chance I got.  The stairways were majestic.  I've had about fifty jobs since then that were better but never one with such a desk.    I think I will enjoy this new one even more than the wooden one I lost in Katrina.  It was really cool and came out of the Sear's and Roebuck building in Kansas City.  I like old stuff.  The best part is I bought it from an old neighbor in Raytown, MO.  Juanita, she and her husband Don were great sports when we lived next door as newly weds having frequent pool parties.  They never complained one time.  We tried to be respectful but we did like to party.  The color is better in person and I will repost when it is in place!

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