Monday, July 6, 2015

Steel pipe shelves

Here are some shots of my new studio with the tanker desk.  The pipe shelves turned out so cool.  He is going to add a drop down above the tansu once I figure out what I am going to put there.  It is so custom that I can't even believe how well it works.  I had the pleasure of working on the Ganesha in here the last couple of nights.  Still haven't finished filling my desk.  Don't want to waste that precious real estate so it will be the last thing.

I went to Amazon and found some maple drawers that would look really nice with the pipe desk because I hate plastic.  Except this plastic works really well for me.  They are the desk top variety so the drawers are not as deep as the crappy shit they sell us for storage in the craft department.  I'm going to think about it because sometimes if something is working you really shouldn't think about changing it.

Nothing matched like I wanted it to.  The desk doesn't match the raskog and that doesn't match my green drawers in the other room.  Oh well, my husband said if I want to paint it in the future if they all end up in the same room then I will think about it.  I will get new curtains for in here.  I will move all the silk to the next room.

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