Sunday, February 21, 2016

Glue stencils for the gelli plate

My little gelli plates got here today, better late than never, I picked out my own Valentine this year. (he picked out the card) Also have a leather wallet for my new phone on the way from Amazon.  Too  bad I skinned it up the other day.  I'm just lucky it still works.  Didn't take any insurance. YIKES! I hung on to it for dear life as I was falling but fumbled it when my hand hit the ground.

Hmmm, my spider web looks like the spider on drugs...

Used Traci Bautista's glue stencil idea. She is so generous to teach us her tricks. I love her style but tried to use my own ideas for the designs.


Aimeslee W. said...

What cool stencils you've made. That's all YOUR talent, and with all due respect, Traci did not invent those. I used to follow her, even took a class from her. I admire you if you can do a different style while under her influence, because hers is so strong. Good for you staying you. xoxo

Micky Nuessen said...

Thanks Amy that is so sweet.