Monday, March 7, 2016

Carolyn Dube stencil storage

Carolyn Dube has the greatest ideas for stencil storage on her you tube channel. This project was fun, easy, cool, and functional! Beware of rant after photos, you may just want to pass, but go see her videos!

I've lost an entire day on the phone with a phony tech support guy!  I am old. Only really old people get sucked into nightmares like that.  My husband is upset that his entire identity has been stolen and I really don't blame him. Damn guy talked me into paying them three hundreds bucks for virus scan on a mac.  Shoot. I did finally catch on and got him to give me a refund, but no telling what damage I have done. I've had the mac for a month and I don't know how to use IT!
I bought photoshop and can't get it to work. Oh and the air conditioning has to be replaced.  My husband is trying to recover from surgery and I'm making stupid mistakes like that. Also I cooked a pot roast that wasn't worth eating. Why I would put kitchen bouquet in there is beyond me. Gross. Rant over.

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Aimeslee W. said...

Oh no, I hope you really did not get your i.d. stolen. People out there are horrible! Hope your hubby is recovering well. xoxo