Friday, July 29, 2016

tag sale haul

Found some really cool stuff at a tag sale today. So excited to find the brand new "vintage" liquitex paint brushes. I got them all for 6 bucks. Then the art box was such a treasure! My husband found it in a dusty corner, it is full of interesting charcoal. So glad to have it to replace the one I lost in the flood so many years ago.

You can see the guy was a woodworker so I bought some of his work, my husband picked up some tools, but I'm the one that cleaned up and got the best deals today.

It was a great sale and we joked all evening about the questionable art pictures in one bedroom. He not only had a wood shop he also had a passion for painting pussies. Ha. I told my husband that I wished I had dared him to go ask the ladies how much was the pussy painting going for. hahahahaha. They were all sitting in the living room with a straight face so we didn't laugh until on our way home. I stated that I thought it was porn and my husband defended him and said it was art...hmmm. Art is always in the eye of the beholder.

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