Thursday, August 4, 2016

Riki time

Riki MUST have play time at least twice a day, more if possible. He will fetch ten toys as fast as you can throw them. He knows the names of most of them. He is a fun little dog. I really thought he would grow out of puppy play time but oh well. I complain but I really enjoy being in the moment with him. He fills this house with love and fun most of the time. I won't mention the pee stench and puking episodes daily. Bought dog proof carpet pad so getting it steam cleaned in a few days. I'm sure I will have him completely house trained by then...right.

I have to start watching him like a two year old again because he sneaks away and behaves badly. I found out why he has been puking, he had a big hole in the skunk toy and was eating him! I really thought he was past that stage. Silly dog eats things that will kill him, then I beat myself up for not paying attention to what he is up to. I'm too old for a puppy and I want to art. All day. Every day. Finally getting into a rhythm after all the star energy got straightened out. What, Venus was in retrograde? I don't remember but do know that things seem to be sorting out now. I'm inspired and wish I had a huge studio so I could just move from one project to another. It is so tight in here that I give myself claustrophobia when working on too many things at once. Sucks, because I feel better when I have a lot of things going, I spend more time arting and less time on the internet or organizing the chaos. I waste hours online holding Riki. Can't get enough of pinterest and art blogs. It is so amazing to have so much to inspire out there and to learn. I read a lot before the internet but now realize how ignorant I was about so many things. 

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