Tuesday, September 6, 2016

travel journals

 Did not touch this stuff but will use it to do a Austria page. I picked up a German newspaper and have a bunch of misc. crap to use.
Worked on this page while waiting for my husband to get off work one afternoon, used my new gouache! Fun like matte water colors. I pulled the page out of a magazine from the airplane for the image.

Loved these pencil cases I bought for the trip. Using the pink one for makeup now that we are home. They were perfect for a traveling art kit. And I actually did art while I was there. It was so FUN. Best trip ever. Maybe that is why I'm not a big traveler. Need to do art every day. I used my fig newton cookie plastic the whole time as my water dish.

My stack of journals kept growing. Especially on the trip home. Everywhere we went was the perfect little book to jot down ideas and memories. Not to mention the vintage one I took along and abandoned after 22 hours in the air. Enough of the memories already. The final was a calendar, which seemed perfect because the new year is coming up. It is so pretty and shiny and has a cool closure. And, the whole thing is in German. As long as the days coincide I'm good. 

Did I mention, that for the first time I looked around me and saw people that looked like me. I'm of German descent and maybe some Austrian blood. I would believe that after looking around. 

I loved how the young girls wore their second skin tight clothing as proudly as the older ladies wore their age worn bodies. No shame, it was beautiful. Well I enjoyed the old ladies much more than the young beauties parading their lady parts all for everyone including my husband, to see. Hipsters are all dressing skintight, looks so uncomfortable. The Italians were on holiday and they are beautiful people.

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