Monday, October 17, 2016

Basement ice dyeing

 This is my leftover hoard that I don't have room for upstairs.
 I dyed another batch of cotton socks. They are so fun to try to match. 
I've set up a nice little ice dyeing station down there. The crate is raised so there is room for the dye to drain as the ice melts. I pre-soak in soda ash and also transport the batches in the big bucket so I don't get dye everywhere. After dyeing I nuke for 4 minutes in the microwave to set the dye, then wash with a cup of vinegar and tide free in cold water.

Sat down with my new typewriter and the Mobil Oil letterhead inspired a crazy rant against all big oil. (no offence miss amy) I'm thinking it has a mind of it's own and that I should type everyday just to see what is going on in there. Have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce? I've read a lot of his stuff. Very interesting. My auntie from New York turned me onto him back in the 70's. My husband wants to write someone about social security and I've begged him to let me type it on the deluxe. Glued my pages to my 8x8 journal for a great background.

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