Saturday, October 22, 2016

Big Daddy

Junking always inspires new art. I've been waiting for my husband to drill a piece for the lamp. Well, he is busy and likes to keep me waiting. I wired a few crystals but was stuck until I looked at Big Daddy.

I knew Big Daddy wanted to be near Little Miss Sunshine, so I wired him to the lamp base. It is heavy brass so no problems with the weight. Much better way to light him up than the candle holder he came with, I used a rusty wire soap dish to cover the bulb in the back.

I'm not done with this altar. I want to make a rosary for the beautiful cross I found at the last sale. I've decided this piece is inspired by all the catholic boys I've ever loved before. No other excuse for such a piece because I am not catholic or religious for that matter.

It started from a dismantled catholic shrine I had done with my father in law in mind, the king of catholics. Anyway, he pissed me off one too many times so I took that shit apart and gave his mom one of the prettiest rosaries I had wired and started adding rosaries to this piece, found a few more crosses in Austria so will keep adding. 

I'm going to wire a pendulum for me and hang it also. So, don't start counting crosses, I will never tell...

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