Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Royal Quiet DeLuxe Model Typewriter

 Had way too much fun junking this weekend. The crates and cigar boxes lured me in and I tried the typewriter and it works like brand new! Had no idea it was a favorite of Hemingway, but can see why. For a manual typewriter it is an easy touch. Love the old typewriter font and don't where they came up with the blue ribbon. I'm thinking someone used a adding machine ribbon or maybe it is normal? I found some replacement ribbons online and can't wait for them to come! I'm embarrassed to buy the thing because I was making fun of the Michael's toy typewriter that they are selling all of us ladies for two hundred bucks. I went on and on about how manual typewriters really suckkkk, because of that and hanging caps. Not to mention the pinky keys. I have been looking for a nice IBM selectric small model. That is my dream typewriter but I'm so glad I didn't pass this one up. I love it! I used it to make the background of my last journal page.

 Stephenson's orchard has sadly closed but I snatch up the once plentiful cardboard apple baskets every chance I get. I keep my washi tape in the other one, this I used for elastic.
 Some really nice coats and clark cotton and tons of spools of button hook thread. That stuff is sturdy and would work great for bookbinding. John found two boxes of stamps, can't wait to look through those.

I've also been collecting old bookkeeping ephemera, salesman paper samples, and cardboard items that aren't supposed to still be around. I love all those things and am tempted to buy up every old machine I see. I worked with some antique freaking stuff at some of my jobs, it was all so wonderful and can still feel the keys under my fingers. I was excited to tell my friend about the new typewriter and messaged her on it. Ha, used the wrong keyboard.

I've been very lucky to stay home the last eleven years and do art instead of working. I have had so many jobs you would not believe. Actually, I feel like I have had so many lives in just this one. Before I met my husband, I moved and changed jobs and (men if possible) all the time. I have now been married going on 35 years and I need to MOVE! Can't wait for our next adventure.
 These zinnias are so awesome, I'm enjoying the dead ones as much as the fresh, so shabby chic. I was thinking I would not plant the tall ones next year but I was wrong. Those flowers have reached the top of the fence and are so beautiful from where I sit.
So now that I've got some more art storage I can go junking again. Well, once my husband gets over the sticker shock of those two sales. I have been on a shopping spree lately and need to stay home.

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