Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tax money bought me a new washer and dryer! Gave my piece of shit GE Harmony (that was barely 7 years old) away!

Hated that thing from before we brought it home, precognitive rage. I couldn't explain my feelings until it was delivered and they flooded my house with the first load. Not to mention the fact that it did NOT have an agitator, who the fuck dreamed that up? It would tie every load into such a tangle that it could not be good on my clothes. Also, it was an HE unit so it did not put enough water in each load to rinse the soap out, not to mention cleaning anything. Can you tell I hated that piece of shit? So expensive and really a disappointment. A daily piss off really. The door was so huge that I could not use the cabinet above the washer.  They looked like a Cadillac on the showroom floor but they really were just a Chevette. The washer would spin so violently and fast that it made me nervous to stand near it.

I can only hope, that whatever guy, (who obviously had never done laundry) decided he could re engineer the "washer and dryer" will read my review. He is probably related to Dyson.

After suffering from some sleepless nights from my itchy skin my husband did some research and found this commercial grade Speed Queen, has a normal tub with the pole in the middle and works like a dream. No double rinsing required.So excited!

He also hung another rod so I could reach it when hanging my dry stuff. Got the mailbox idea from Pinterest for lint.

I'm one happy laundress.  

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