Friday, February 17, 2017


 Going to turn the page on these paper towel zinnias. Sick of working on them.
 Messed around with the horizon on this, putting it online to see if I jacked it up, sure way to tell.
 Need to frame this piece. I love finding the perfect frame from my  collection to hang my stuff. I really try to plan the art for the frame but that never works out as well as this.
I lost my ever loving mind and ordered not one but FIVE pair of pajama jeans the other day. WHAT? The chance that they will even fit is so slim that I can't believe I would do something like that. I guess I finally caved to the constant bombardment of advertising. Didn't even do that much research. Found some black velvet and then the dusty purple were so pretty, before I knew it I had the boyfriend pair plus a couple more boot cut to round out the order! OMG! In my dreams they will all fit perfect and cure my allergy problems and be cute. And, I will be able to wear them out of the house and no one will know I'm in pajamas. I guess we'll know sooner than I thought because they are going to be here tomorrow! I think they air lifted them by drone because they knew that if I had a moment I would surely cancel that order when I came to my senses. Yikes! That is $250.00 worth of pajama jeans. Makes me laugh out loud just to write that down. Gawd. (Not really, buyer's REMORSE!)

My husband is being a good sport about it because I have terrible time finding cotton clothes. He has been to the mall with me desperately searching for anything that is mostly cotton first then doubting if it is cute.  I didn't even check the return policy on these so I might be in big trouble!

In my defense I have lost a lot of weight and not bought any new clothes. I need cotton for my skin allergies so I really do hope they fit.

Update...I returned all the pajama jeans. Really liked them but they were too big. The bootcut purple and black were nicer material than the blues. The boyfriend were tacky as hell. I need to go to the mall and figure out what size I am before trying that again. 


Micky Nuessen said...

Update, I kept two pairs of the pajama jeans even though they run big. The other three pair were HUGE! Amazon makes it so easy to return that I'm glad I tried them.

The purple and black are really pretty!

Micky Nuessen said...

BTW I ordered the same size.

Cindi said...

Ill go shopping with you