Saturday, March 4, 2017

Birthday Haul

 Got my refund for the pajama jeans so spent my birthday money on art supplies! So much more fun.

 Found the new goodies for such great prices at cargo largo. $2.00 for a tube of quin magenta golden paint! The watercolor pads were $14.99 a pad so my husband encouraged me to buy four! Must be my birthday! :)
 A great Cuban cigar box and some heavy plastic to make stencils. The only thing I got ripped off on was the scarves. I was so confused and thought the 100% pashmina tags were for real. Ha, (so naive) they were only $3.00 each, so I didn't get hurt and will use them for something!

 All that wonderful paper and look at the tiny moleskine I found for .50. I didn't even know it was a moleskine until I got home!

Hit some really good sales on Friday. Found an entire set of rapidograph pens for $14.00. They go for around $100.00 online! Paid more for the Leroy letter thingy but got a great deal on it also $35.00. Found one for $88.00 online. I got one of the rapidograph pens to work so spent hours in my 8x8 journal just doodling on past pages and I made this new page today.

I love collecting old paper art stuff. Someday I will have a space to set it all up together with the time machine and it will confuse everyone as to what the date is.

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