Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Sudden storm!

This storm blew in from no where today! I got brave and went out back to take pictures of the area they said a tornado was touching down in Lake Lotawana, MO.  The wind chased me back inside to alert my husband who unfortunately was driving just south of that mess! He ducked under a bank drive thru to avoid hail damage on his brand new truck! Okay wait, I texted him first then went to take pictures. He said I should call next time...he was way too close for comfort and I showed him how to enable his weather alerts on his phone. Holy crap! He just had surgery after a traffic accident with a deer, that wreck was right by the freaking tornado today. I think he should find another way in and out of town.

And the tornado! It was a small one but did some dock damage, flipped some pontoons and a lot of trees down on houses. These pictures were taken about 8 miles south of the storm.

Received my new pin cushion so will start sewing on my jacket tomorrow! I really like it!  Found a few little garden dangles in my stash to attach when I get closer to being done.

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