Saturday, September 21, 2013

more sewing

I added pin tucks and some embroidery stitches to my scarf.  Not done yet, I think a few more rows will do it.  This is a shot of both ends.

I don't know about anyone else but I lay on a heating pad nightly for back pain.  Got so tired of looking at that nasty blue synthetic fabric that I customized mine a while back.  Updated the non velvet side to match the new fabrics.  This looks great in the picture so I won't go into the whole nightmare sewing story.  Okay, I will.  By the time I finished the damn thing was 1/4 inch TOO SMALL!  My husband convinced me that trimming a heating pad would not be a good idea so I folded an edge over and taped it with electrical tape.  (After having a not so lady like cussing fit.)  Anything to save that last remnant of cotton velvet!  One corner was a little wonky and I kept missing the edge of the velvet.  That is what sewing is like for me.  Always at least one wonky edge.
The last log.

We had a camp fire tonight.  Nice under an almost full moon.

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