Thursday, January 30, 2014

lilac collage

I reworked this collage the other day.  Now I can look at the lilacs instead of the wonky table.  Why does my eye always go to the bad spot?  My husband thinks I'm too critical of my work but he admitted it was jacked up after I fixed it.  I've come a long way.  I used to keep all my art in the closet.  I took someone's advise years ago and never threw anything away.  That way you can see your progress over the years.  Well.  Katrina took EVERYTHING including my first attempt at oil painting.  It took me so many years to even call my self an artist.  I find that ridicules now because I do art everyday and if that doesn't make you an artist then I just don't know what does.  
I painted this in the 90's.  I lived in Leavenworth at the time.

This was on my easel to be finished before Katrina in Mississippi.  

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