Sunday, January 26, 2014

new carpet

My hoard had to be moved downstairs for the new carpet install.  We are both exhausted from the whole ordeal but it was really worth it.  
The mandala is covered up with this!

It is so pretty and feels so lush under the foot. 

 John finished painting the baseboards before the carpet was laid and we bought paint for the back bedroom and living room.  Perfect taupe for the living room hall and small bath.  I chose heather plume for the front bedroom.  It is a lilac gray.  I'm going to "girl" that room UP!  The oatlands subtle taupe is going in the kitchen, dining room and other bedroom.  I need a neutral color in those rooms for my art.  This entire house is painted some shade of green and I'm really tired of it.  My art will look so much better on the new colors.  

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