Tuesday, June 17, 2014

new bed

 I finally got the puppy off my lap long enough to make this bed for him out of my mother's beach towel.  I used an overstuffed silk pillow to pad it.  Hopefully that will make it more comfortable, and my little baby will be sleeping on silk!  The towel was almost worn out and I wanted to save it, somehow.  When I caught my husband using it last year I knew I needed to take it out of circulation.  I'm sure Riki will appreciate his new bed.  I know Mom would approve.  She has been gone nineteen years now and the towel is older than that.  I bought it for her birthday the year I moved to Florida.  She wasn't happy about the move and the towel did not make up for it.  Ha.  I was back in three short years and was there for her in the end.
Day late shot of the honey moon.  Darn.  I was so tired friday night that I totally forgot to take pictures.  This puppy is wearing me out.  In a good way though.  

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