Tuesday, April 14, 2015

stamp collage

My husband found all these wonderful stamps at an estate sale one weekend.  I would have missed them had he not spotted them.  I've had them for years and suddenly thought of this great idea of doing a collage with them.  Mrs. Alice Miller had carefully saved them in pristine condition.  She made tiny envelopes out of plastic and staples for some of them.  As I trimmed the airmail envelopes off the edges of each stamp, I thought of her and maybe her daughter, whom she must of had a long correspondence to create such a beautiful collection.  They are mostly from Thailand.  I am in love with the muted yet rich colors.  Made me nostalgic for my high school years receiving long letters from my boyfriend in the same thin envelope with the red, white and blue border. They should have stamped it "Love Mail" instead of "Air Mail".   I hope my collage can capture some of that.

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