Thursday, April 16, 2015

Colorful world

Found some new cushions for the porch wicker.  I think I need to stop with the paisley.  I love these and don't care if they do take it over the top.

 Summer haircut.  I took this picture and the top picture through the back door.  

Riki thinks I might have gone a little overboard on the craft paint but I think all the spring color has inspired me to balance out my palette.  I bought some yellow, orange and red. I prefer craft paint over all others on the gelli plate.  Love the matte finish.  I will have to admit to all you Golden paint girls out there I just don't get it, too shiny for me.  I use liquitex heavy body for painting on canvas.  I also have a small collection of Winsor & Newton water mixable oils for canvas.  I love those.

 Can you smell these?  

My Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book has helped me on this new project. I turned it upside down and sideways and the hand came out pretty good.  

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