Friday, May 1, 2015

Ganesha Stamp Collage

I had to move the big canvas to another spot because it is killing my back.  I think I remember why I don't work big anymore.

So, that meant I had to move my printer, scanner, computer and cable box.  Not that any of that stuff was actually in the way but I did have to move a bead box on the desk.  My husband, the electrician hasn't had time to fix my wires, for at least two years, anyway I've learned from listening to him talk about work and how he marks things for quick troubleshooting, so I got busy with my washi tape, Tim Holtz tape, electrical tape, highlighter tape, and my grandson's kid tape to mark that friggin mess of wires so I could move my printer!  Guess which one stuck?  Yep, the kid's tape.  Tim Holtz did not adhere for a minute and the highlighter tape disappeared and then came off while I was on the floor trying to tape things as I boldly unplugged wires.  I now know why my husband didn't have time to fix the mess, working in a narrow space with cigar boxes and crates needing to be dusted as I worked it was a big mess.  He came home before I was done, so of course we had a few words. I hit my head twice after losing my temper when he went out to mow.   All this after posting today the Dali Lama's story about anger on facebook.  I did not even remember watching the video this morning until washing my hair in the shower and feeling the painful bumps on my temple. He also said that anger comes from fear and he is right again.  With all the unrest in the country my husband is traveling to Detroit next week for work and I'm not comfortable with that.  I get really busy organizing wires and boxes and stuff when I'm stressed out.  It is the OCD in me.   

 Journals in progress and old books for collage.

I actually worked on my collage too!  Check out that purple ear!  Having so much fun with this and can't wait to spend the entire week zoned out Ganesha style.  The stamps are easier to work with than tile as in a traditional mosaic but the size is problematic.  It would help if I didn't have to work with and without my glasses each stamp.  Time consuming for sure.  I want so bad to start the beeswax but know that I need to finish the gluing first.  

I guess I have some sort of series going on.  

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