Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ganesha stamp collage

The stars lined up and his hands are done.  Lucky for me stamps are thin, therefore I can layer them.  My mosaics in the past were done with tile and snapping tile is much more difficult and mistakes not so easily dealt with.  Good thing, cause I'm an old lady now and don't have much strength in my hands.  (Probably from snapping tile.) My eyesight is not great either so if there is something really messed up it is because I can't see it.  So glad I made all those mosaic's when I did, actually that is the only art that survived Katrina. The rest washed out to sea.  I still have a problem with that because as an artist you think that maybe your art will out last you and be something you leave behind.  Guess it doesn't work that way.  I've had to learn to accept some really difficult things lately.  It is against my nature because in my life if I don't like something I change it, make it better.  I don't just accept what comes at me.  Can't change it so letting it go.  That mirror is long gone. Dang, it was nailed to the house and have no idea.  I salvaged the swimming pool tiles and the mosaics but that was about it.  Total loss.  

I'm eager for the solstice tomorrow.  Took a dip this morning before the heat set in and worked in my flowers.  I plan on cutting my lavender and white sage for fresh smudge sticks.  Everything is so lush and green from all the rain this year.

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