Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stamp Ganesha Collage

After spending way too many hours trying to set up a wireless printer through my router I enjoyed losing myself in the Ganesha.  To hell with that printer I've got stamps!  I did some fine tuning and the dreaded left hand.  It wasn't as hard as I thought, I have been trying to right brain this collage from the very beginning.  While I'm not working on it, that is.  Thankfully once I get started the left brain takes over and the tiny communists turn into fingernails.  My husbands thinks maybe all those men are royalty but to me they are communists.  Ha.

As for the printer I might take the S.O.B. back.  I called tech service on both the router and the printer and they tag teamed me, stating that it was the other device that was the problem. Once I changed my network password twice and called the Canon people back the guy told me that it was ten til ten there and he was basically off.  What would y'all do?  This wireless stuff is really great if you can get it to work.  I'm all ready for the new desk!

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