Friday, July 31, 2015

chair repair

When we bought the tanker desk they threw the chair in for 5 bucks.  The arms were covered with duct tape but the rest of the chair looked really good.  I wasn't sure if it was worth repairing because for 5 bucks I figured the chair was probably broken.  Nope.  It is in great shape and I had the leather vest from a thrift store find.  With help from my sweet husband I was able to recover the armrests and set up a sewing room in my old studio.  Guess I need to learn to sew a little better.

Little Riki can run like the wind when you call him.  Here RIKIIIIII!  My SLR Nikon D50 camera is fast and I got off one shot and he was here.  Love those action shots.  Look at his tail!  He had to have a major summer haircut because he got in the pool one time and it ruined his hair.  Mats everywhere.  He is really well behaved when I cut him so he turns out a lot better than Buster.  I do like his hair long so hope it will grow back.  I was just sick that I had to cut his long ears but look how cute he is without them.  
I am going back to World Market for some blue curtains.  I've decided not to dye the silk, just move it to the next room.  I love it so much but the gold color just doesn't match the green tanker.  They have some cotton broomstick curtains that will be cute with my mismatched raskog and green desk.  I really think it will pull it all together.  He is painting the master bath so I am going to buy some new towels too.  Big fun!  

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