Friday, July 31, 2015

Crinkle voile curtains World Market

Picked up my curtains today, had to pay more than they were the other day but at least I didn't have to pay $5.00 more a panel.  Really World Market?  I'm sure our wages haven't increased accordingly.  Come on folks, I was sure they were $13 a panel on sale.  Two days later, (they were in the process of a reset), they are marked $20 a panel on sale for $17.  I went to the old display and the manager found me there wanting to help me. Well, she didn't really want to help me because she scanned said panel and stated that they were on sale for $17 so I must be mistaken.  I reached over to the panel and pulled the $15 price and say, "Oh, look here, I thought they were cheaper."  She was livid and jerked the thing out of my hand and told me it was an old sign.  So, I didn't get the sale price off the $15 but at least I didn't have to pay that special sale price of $17.  She was rude and told me to have the cashier to page her.  She came and checked me out and was even ruder, I could smell her cigarette on her so that didn't even help her calm down. I'm surprised she acted that way because I would think any paying customer is better than no customers.  I am always polite because I have worked retail and know how you get treated daily.  I also know that two bucks a panel did not come out of her paycheck and if she had pulled the old signs we wouldn't have had an issue.

I didn't let it upset me because I love the curtains and they were way cheaper than that mess of velvet I ordered up on Overstock.  I won't be shopping there anymore.  I was charged an unbelievable amount for restocking those drapes plus the shipping.  Dang. Sorry honey.  So my blues still don't match but I like it now.  It reminds me of the colors of the ocean in here, green and blue which ties in well with the Ganesha.

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