Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gelli mosaic

That moment when you realise  that your pj's must have inspired your latest art project.  Ha.  I vow to find some flannel that isn't a cartoon print before I make any more pants.  I was telling my husband about Pippi Longstocking the other day.  She was my idol as a child and I read all her books instead of Nancy Drew. (Nancy was so dull).  My mother gave me all her Briar Rabbit books (full of moral tales), and the long suffering Laura Wilder was so depressing.  Her life, land locked.  Just like my own.  Anyway when I described Pippi wearing colorful clothes, I realised she must have inspired my wardrobe the last few.  Hardly appropriate for a women my age but what can I say.  The flannel is hurting on the design front.  I did carry a batik flannel around at Hancock the other day but left when the clerk disappeared after cutting the women before me.  I stepped away for thread and she was no where to be seen when I came back.  I guess it is the retail in me that prohibits me from spending money at a place like that.  If I were to design flannel I would make mud cloth borders and leave the fucking flowers and cartoon designs alone.  We ALL wear the damn things now and who wants to be dressed like a child while seeking comfort.  The choices are not any better in the stores and they are at least 6" too short when you buy them.  Oh well, I think I'm going to make leggings next time anyway.  I ordered a bunch of pink t shirts from amazon and they are so long they call for leggings.  Pink for the Pippi in me but will try for a solid pant.  In defense of my wardrobe I will say that I have terrible skin allergies and must wear cotton or natural fabrics at all times.  I still suffer from daily hives.  

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Aimeslee said...

hI mICKY! You go, Girlfriend! Collage is looking good. LOL, I got quite a chuckle reading this post. I second everything you said about clothing and material. I would love to know where on amazon ya got those t-shirts, I need some too. Guess I'll search for "pink women's t-shirts" xoxo, Aimeslee