Saturday, October 3, 2015

Citrasolve papers

Oh no, I overdid it on these papers today.  I'm in terrific pain of the right wrist.  I think I ruptured my carpel.  Ha.  The technique finally worked for me after I watched Cheap Joe's videos.  I only had a fourth of a bottle left from past failures, so glad that I didn't have more, I would still be on the back porch!  Turns out I was using too old of National Geo's.  I found the newer work better.  I just thought it was me so had just about given up on this project. The best ones came from 2000 and later.

It was an art frenzy and I'm so excited!  Feels so good to create again.  Well.  Everyday.  

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Aimeslee said...

Those look awesome! But, dammit, had to end up ordering a NatGeo off ebay, couldn't find one at any used bookstore, nothing. Got the citra-solv and doing that is on my list of round-to-its. Reading this made me get up and go look at my one mag's date and wouldn't ya know it 1983. Dammit! hahahaha oh well, i'll try it one day eventually. xoxo