Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gelli printing

Had some great fun playing with my new gelli's.  Trying out different color combos and making notes,  Maybe I will learn what colors not to print together. Don't use complimentary colors because it looks BAD! Love the blue and greens together.

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Aimeslee W. said...

Oh wow, these look great. Glad you got your plates and are enjoying them. Hey, I did WOYWW finally and I've been visiting the other participants and they are so much like you and me, it's just most of them are British, only real difference. Some of them are blowing me away with their creativity. None of the other types we were discussing. You ought to give it a dress rehearsal this week to see if you'd enjoy these hobby artists. You don't have to join, just click on their linky links like you have joined up. That's what convinced me to do it.

Ugh, color combos! I'm really good at matching or blending hues, but the combos throw me sometimes. I usually stick to the cools or the warms. But you can actually use any analogous triad on the color wheel with good results. You'd think because its acrylic and dries permanent that you could combine any colors but some really do look better than others. xoxo