Tuesday, March 22, 2016

gelli texture stamps

Saturday was a good morning on facebook.  In the gelli group they were talking about those great foam blocks you heat and then press into everyday items for texture stamps. I had an entire package in my drawer so pulled them out and made all of these in about 15 minutes.  My favorite one is the circles from a rattan lid on a basket I have.  Then a girl, from that same group I believe, sent me the Dollar tree stencils!  I was so excited to get them as I had complained that I had been to several stores on a quest for them.  Wasn't that just the sweetest thing for her to do?  I am going to send her a happy mail package and thank her for the great stencils and fun I have had printing all week.  She has no idea how her kindness has affected me.  Came at a time I really needed it.
The last picture is my first and favorite print from yesterday. 

These need more but you get an idea what texture those create for backgrounds.

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Aimeslee W. said...

Great pulls. Glad that girl on Facebook helped you out. xoxo