Monday, April 18, 2016

Color charts

Some beautiful colors just by adding yellows and reds to the blues and greens.

I decided to combine my color charts into a water color journal I made a few years back. It is turning out good and it will be so convenient compared to the many sheets and sizes I've made over the years.

I am lucky enough to have duplicates of a lot of my inktense colors so I decided to divide them into separate cigar boxes so  I can have them no matter which box I'm working from. I prefer them over just water color because I enjoy that they are permanent once activated and then dried.  I'm crazy for the muted tones of the graphitint. My advise to all is to buy the largest set they make from the beginning because they do duplicate way too many colors. I love them I will use them so not upset but would have done it differently if I had realized. These are all Derwent product and so worth the money. Even if all you ever do with them is make beautiful color charts. 

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Aimeslee W. said...

u r right - I am glad I bought both 72 blocks and pencils. now dick blick sells them individually, did not used to.