Monday, June 27, 2016

Lucille chair

The chair has turned into a "Lucille" chair. I tore the skirt off and re-made the skirt with my serger. In the meantime I broke out the free motion thingy and am teaching myself to use it on this project. The arm covers are so cute but as you can see my free motion skills are lacking. Since the skirt is off I am going to free motion on the seat also. So that is where the Lucille comes in...OCD sewing. Lucille was my grandmother and did everything really well, except family. A lot like Martha I would say. I don't care how bad it is because I am learning. But there is no way I could live with the messed up skirt. It'll look a lot better when I'm done!

Gathered some Columbine seeds for my art mail I sent this week. Gellied the backgrounds for the fish but then had to mount them inside because they disappeared when I tried to layer them. 

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